How To Match Pearl Jewelry To Your Attire And Skin Color

Published: 05th October 2010
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Pearl jewelry will allow the total look if you are able to decide on the most suited variety pf pearl jewelry for yourself. This article presents very valuable guidelines on harmonizing pearl jewelry to outfit and skin tone.

When you match your pearl jewelry to your clothing and skin color, you donít have to stress your self out, even if it may seem baffling. When it comes to deciding for our outer looks, decision making typically takes time. Read our super cast-iron tips to help you match your peals to your dresses or to your skin type.

Pearl To Attire

On matching pearls to apparel, try asking your self with these questions first.

What is my lifestyle?

What type of wardrobe do I have and the colors I like?

What sort of pearl jewelry will be fitting to my dresses?

Which do I usually wear, a casual or business attire?

1. For sophisticated and austere women, such as those who manage or run a business, high quality perfectly round pearls are just the right ones for you. The most lavish pearls are the perfect match for corporate or formal apparel. To complete that stylish executive look, supplement it with a classic pearl circle pin or a gold and pearl brooch.

2. Traditional round pearls are the ones most appropriate for evening gowns. However, you also have to take into account the ideal pearl color and size.

3. Attending a cocktail party or perhaps a classy fashion event? Show-off some long length pearl necklaces mixed with some gemstones such as garnet, topaz, tourmaline, and lapis beads. Try this out and you will definitely be an eye catcher of the night.

4. To match your casual attire, sport a single-strand pearl necklace that has medium-sized pearls. The length should also be just about average.

5. You may also try wearing different types of pearl necklaces together. But donít forget to bear in mind that you should match light colored clothing with dark-colored pearls and opposite. For instance if the dress is light colored, the pearls should be something purple, blue or champagne.

Pearl to Skin Tone

When you purchase a pearl jewelry, especially necklaces, it is highly ideal that you base your pick on the skin color of the wearer.

6. Matching pear jewelry to fair-skinned ladies is a trouble-free task. Women with light colored skin have a large variety of choices when it comes to pearl color. Soft colors like white and pink will look good on their skin, but dark-colored ones such as purple and green will be just as perfect too. But thereís an exception though, never wear black pearls. Black pearls will add about 10 years to your appearance! To achieve the best look, simply grab a classic creamy-pinkish white pearl necklace for this is the perfect match to your skin.

7. For women with dark skin tone, white pearls with silver or bright blue overtones are the top pick for you. Meanwhile, pearls of silver and gold shades will make your beautiful skin look more radiant. We recommend that you find an averaged-sized pearl necklace combined with tiny small diamonds. Try it and count the heads that turned!

8. In general, pearls with dark or gray hues look enchanting on all skin-types.

Pearl jewelry will never go out of style, even in the next fifty years. If you have the funds, you can go out now and try to test your new knowledge, or you can take time and read more of our expert tips.

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